Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Girls Paris Trip: Wrapping it up (Day 6 and 7)

This was the first time we slept late all trip! It was lovely. We met at 10 am in the girl’s apartment and headed to the Metro with a stop at Chez Betty and a flower shop…


Our first official stop of the day was Père Lachaise Cemetery. It is the largest cemetery in Paris. Courtney was in charge of reading to us from the Rick Steves Book. His book took us on a tour to see the highlights of the cemetery.

We even got to see the tomb of Jim Morrison:

After seeing the vast, beautiful cemetery, we headed back to the Metro to head to Montmarte. Montmarte is known for it’s famous Basilica, art square, and artists studios. We arrived in Montmarte and ate a delicious lunch at Le Consulat.

We visited the art square and headed to the Basilica of the Sacred Heart (Sacré-Cœur.)



After visiting our final Parisian church, we headed back to the Metro and found ourselves shopping in Ile St. Louis. P6133867

Here is a funny picture you already know a little bit about. You all know my heels were bothering me and I found going down stairs was extremely painful, but going down stairs backwards was not painful. Every time we went down stairs (even at Sacré-Cœur! Check out all those steps behind us in the pictures.) So I would go downstairs with someone in front of me and behind me. Those girls took such good care of me!

We had dinner that night a famous crepe restaurant called Café Breigh. We headed home and lamented that the next day was our last.

THE FITBIT UPDATE: 19,335 steps walked! 56 flights climbed! and 7.94 miles walked.


THE LAST DAY…was the only day we split up as we all wanted to get last minute things to bring home. This was our “shopping day” and we made serious business of it. When we gathered back together it was to have drinks and our last dinner in Paris with Nathalie!


AT LOUISE OF COURSE! (this was the first place we ate at in Paris if you remember…)

Here is the sweetest Parisian I have ever met: Nathalie!IMG_5422

We ate the most delicious dish (again) I have ever eaten in my life…homemade cheese ravioli with fresh basil…(I just drooled looking at the pictures)

After saying our goodbyes to Nathalie, we started our walk home for the last time. On our way we decided to take more “horse” photos…P6144097

And then we just got crazy…

We got home and packed like mad women. Our last night is Paris was wonderful!

THE FITBIT UPDATE: 27,518 steps walked! 77 flights climbed! and 11.3 miles walked.


The next morning we collected our things, checked out of our apartments and headed to the airport.

We finally arrived at our gate sad to leave Paris…

IMG_5430…but, it was impossible to be too sad as the trip was SO FABULOUS! We saw so much of Paris, had such great food and traveled with such great ladies, we had no choice but to be happy.


I am SO glad I decided to go to Paris with these lovely ladies. It was a once in a lifetime trip that I will never forget. We arrived home safely with Parisian Cheese, gifts and stronger friendships. There are so many memories I will never forget.

Gay, QP, Jennifer, Courtney, Elisabeth and Margaret,
THANK YOU SO MUCH for having me as a last minute addition on this trip. You were all so welcoming and loving. I can not wait to see you all again. Let’s do it again! :)

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

P.S. Click here is you want to read Courtney’s wrap up.


  1. So glad you decided to come with truly was a wonderful and memorable trip!

  2. This was such an awesome recap! I loved seeing & experiencing it all again with you (Courts was first natch, she's so speedy). =)