Thursday, February 7, 2013

Amanda visits Nola :)

Last week, Amanda came to town on an overnight for work. We celebrated her birthday and watched the wedding video.

For her birthday, we sent a food basket to her Mayan family in Guatemala. She has sponsored a young girl named Sonia. If you want to help Amanda’s foster child click here and where it asks for a Student ID, put in 2561.

Here is Amanda and Sonia:


I bought her family a huge food basket. It feeds them for almost a month for only $40.00. Amanda actually raised enough money for her family keep their house and pay off their debt, but it for a whole other blog entry. Amanda rocks, clearly.

After being charitable, I had champagne and Amanda had a beer as we watched the 90 minute wedding video.

We visited for a while until Doug and I brought her back to her hotel. I love when Amanda gets to come see me while being paid. :) Let’s hang again soon! You are welcome anytime. AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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  1. you are the best!! thank you for the amazing birthday present! i love when i get random overnights and lizzie and doug time!