Friday, February 15, 2013

Mardi Gras – Part 1 Druids, Nyx and Muses!

On Wednesday night to see Druids and Nyx! I was excited as it was my first parade during Carnival.
Doug drove us and parked like a rockstar. I really did not think he would fit in the spot when he pulled up next to it. He expertly parked the car with about 2 inches to spare on either side. We walked about 8 blocks to Milan and St. Chuck. Unfortunately, it was expected to rain pretty hard so I did not bring my camera to the route.

We got to see Druids and Nyx. I was able to see my dear friend, Julie’, as she rode by in Nyx. She was having a blast.

The following night (Thursday) Doug and I had planned to see Muses. During the day I heard that my parents were going to see Muses as well. My parents met me at the Shack after work and we headed down to the route. My Aunt Gina and Uncle Steve were already on the route waiting for us to arrive. They were all there to see my (other) Aunt, Donna, ride in Muses. We stood on Magazine near the front of the route. On this part of the route, we would only see Muses.

Muses arrived right on schedule…

The infamous SHOE!

Lady Godivas rode by us and I got the best catch of the season!! A GLITTERED HORSE SHOE!!!!!!! It will live on my mantle for every Mardi Gras for the rest of my life. Here is a lovely Godiva lady and my horse shoe.

I took this picture in honor of my Courts and Kenny:

Then the 6-10 stompers came by and rocked my world! My dear friends, Fred and Brandon, did a little jig with me in the streets.


After waiting patiently, my Aunt Donna came by! 

She is the 5th front the front (second women in the well). You can see her throwing beads here!!

My Aunt D made my night! She threw Dad and I MUSES SHOES! They have been integrated into my Mardi Gras decor and will honor my house forever. Here are the new shoes! (The red and pink ones are new….the teal one was from Aunt D last year…)


Finally, here is an awesome sign I saw on the route. I was glow in the dark. Very clever!

Happy Mardi Gras (even though we are in lent…..:))

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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  1. 1. I really want to get down to Muses next year....I've never been!
    2. Thx for the K-Ville shout out. :)
    3. LOVE the pics of you with Fred and Brandon. So much fun!