Monday, February 4, 2013

New Fantasyland in WDW – the last Orlando post

The morning I was to drive home from Orlando, I decided to spend a few hours in the Magic Kingdom to see the new Fantasyland.

I arrived about an hour before the park opened and stood in line to be one of the first 20 people inside the Magic Kingdom. I was told the first thing to do was Belle’s story time. It was pretty fantastic.


It was very kid friendly. While I really enjoyed it, I will probably not go back until I have kiddos.

Then I headed to the new Ariel ride. The line waiting area was very cool. The ride was ok.

As I walked across Fantasyland, I got a view of the future Dwarf’s mining ride:

See the Beast’s castle on the left there.

As I went to check out the new area at the Haunted Mansion, I saw this and got VERY excited!

It is another area under constuction. It is where the old Alpine ride was…do you know who’s house this is?       IMG_1927

After a quick ride on the Haunted Mansion, I met up with Lesley and Steve for an early lunch at the new restaurant in Beast’s Castle “Be Our Guest”.  It does not require a reservation for lunch so we dined in the main dining area.

I headed to Thunder Mountain railroad for one last ride.

Then I had to say my goodbyes and drive home!

I had a fabulous, quick visit in the Magic Kingdom…It was like being at home.
Just like old times….

I spent the next 11 hours driving back to Nola. I listened to an audio book and arrived home around 10 pm. I loved seeing old (Disney and work) friends, making new ones at my National Sales Meeting and visiting the MK.

I am one lucky lady.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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  1. Riley saw these pics and said, "That's Aunt Lizzie at Disney!"