Monday, April 29, 2013

Jay + Katie!

Weddings rock! Weddings rock even more when they are outside, the weather is PERFECT and it is in front of a fabulous fountain. Well done Jay and Katie!

Jay looked very handsome and Katie was so beautiful!
IMG_2280 IMG_2290      

Even the guests were beautiful….:)
 IMG_2301 IMG_2303

Look how happy they look!
 IMG_2313 IMG_2319 IMG_2341

After the ceremony we got to hang with Keegan for a minute. Love those ties!
IMG_2345 IMG_2346

The details were perfect!

 IMG_2350 IMG_2357

We visited with Alex Harvie (he did the painting at our wedding) for a while and he painted us in their painting! I must admit I like how tall he made me :)

Then we got to steal the bride and groom!

Then hung out with some of our bestest friends…

After some awesome dancing and good times in the photobooth, we had to say goodbye!IMG_2365 IMG_2367 IMG_2370

Here is the final version of Alex’s painting. Can you still find us?


It was such a fun wedding. Thank you for having us!

Love and Hugs!


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