Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The NORC surprise…

When we arrive at Le Foret to set up for the NORC dinner, I set the tables as usual. I was a 6 top with doug, my parents and Beth and Scotty. People began arriving and we hung out in the bar until most of the party arrived. We moved to our tables and sat down at the perfectly assigned seats. ha.

We ordered dinner. I was so excited about the gnocchi that my mouth was drooling. I ordered my dinner and enjoyed the fabulous company.

All of a sudden, our awesome waiter hands me a gift wrapped in white wrapping paper and a red bow.


So I open this tiny box and find my 4 of my favorite chap sticks! DSCN0267[1]

Now this gift has been on my Amazon wish list for months and everyone has access to this list (see the top right of this site where is says “gift registries”. I am thinking someone got me a early birthday presents. I question Doug – he clearly has no idea what is going on. I question my mom – she said she did not buy me anything. I am SO confused. I ask Courtney – she then feels bad becasue she did not bring me a present. I quickly start eyeing up the group to see who would have brought me a present. I am at a loss. The best part is that our waiter keeps saying it is from him. I try not to believe him as that would mean he is a stalker… hah. So I move on hoping I can figure out this mystery.

Then my entree arrived as did another gift!

DSCN0268[1] DSCN0269[1]

It was a jewelry holder on my Amazon wish list! It is too odd of a gift just to buy someone. This was all intentional, but I could not figure out who it was from! Still VERY confused…

We finish dinner and everyone orders dessert. I did not order any (as I gave it up for lent) and chatted with the NORC guests. Then dessert came out and this was placed in front of me:


THE MYSTERY WAS SOLVED! IT WAS ASHLEY! I half expected her to jump out from behind the bar or something. Sadly, she was not in town, but I still was able to call her. I was also given my last gift. I opened the box to find a beautiful pair of Maui Jims!

I put them on right away and called my wonderful sister to accept her request! I would be honored to be her Matron of Honor!

I ate the fruit from my plate and handed it over to doug (who scraped off all the chocolate).

I then found out all the back story to the gifts. They were all shipped to my Mom. Mom and Dad came to Le Foret hours before the dinner to drop off the gifts. They were stored and delivered between courses. Everyone did a great job!

It was a huge surprise.

I am honored to be in Ashley’s wedding. She is my best friend and the best sister anyone could ask for. Let’s get this next wedding train moving!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie


  1. Geaux Ashley....awesome surprise! And yes, I did feel extremely bad I did not think to bring you a present for your bday, LPb. Fail. But I totally blame pregnancy. :)