Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lizzie turns 30-something + a cook off!

Honestly, when someone asks how old I am, I really have to think about the answer. I do remember I am over the age of 30 and I know I am not over 35 (I would definitely remember that…). So when someone asks how old I am I say, “somewhere between 30 and 35”. I suspect once I hit 35 I will start saying, “somewhere between 35 and 40”. We shall see…

Back to the point…I turned another year older! AND IT ROCKED.

When I starting thinking about what I wanted to do for my birthday, I knew I did not want to go out to a bar or restaurant. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to revive our Cook Off from years ago. I had  been talking about having a Mac and Cheese cook off for years! Finally, it was time.

I invited a small group over to The Shack to either compete or eat in the cook off! There were two items to compete in – Mac and Cheese and Potato Salad.

On the day of the cook off, Doug, Sarah, Donnie and I went to see Flashdance (which was really fun). We got home at 5 pm and prepped for the party. Doug and I were both competing in Mac and Cheese AND potato salad.

We had 4 entries for Potato Salad:

Number 1 was Doug’s, 2 was mine, 3 was mine and 4 was the Mumbowers.

For Mac and Cheese, we had 6 entries!
1 was mine, 2 was Stacey’s (it was cool – feta and tomatoes), 3 was Doug’s, 4 was Kraft Mac and Cheese, 5 was Sarah’s, 6 was Ryan and Kat’s.

Doug also made smoked pulled pork (which he started at midnight after NORC the previous night) and carnitas! The meat rocked. We also offered 2 types of pork and beans. :) COMFORT FOOD CITY.

People hung out, ate and voted….


After everyone voted, we announced the winner!

For potato salad - #2 won! ME!! YAY. (Funny sstory about this one – I messed it up and found it too mustardy- I was sure it would not win. Boy, was I wrong)

For Mac and Cheese – # 5 won! SARAH! Sarah holds the Mac and Cheese title! Congrats Sarah!

After we were all full, we decided to pull out the games…

IMG_2157 IMG_2156

Some were playing board games and others were playing Mario on the Wii. We had some fun and hung out for hours. It was a fabulous birthday. Thank you all for coming!

Oh yeah, if you were wondering if we had cake…No. Sadly, my birthday always falls in lent. We had a raspberry brie wrapped in dough. It looked like a cake! I forgot to get a photo, but I called it my birthday cake :)

Happy Birthday to me!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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