Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ashley and Andrew’s Wedding Prep/Rehearsal Dinner

The week of A+A’s wedding is finally here (in blog time). It was an insanely busy week so there are very few pictures.

On Wednesday, a bunch of boys loaded all the wedding décor into a hotel room at the Wyndham Garden Baronne Plaza. They were fed pizza and beer for their assistance. While whey were loading Ashley and I were out all day doing girlie things like pedicures and spray tans. IMG_1374

On Thursday, Ashley, Andrew and I loaded the rest of the stuff into our 3 cars and headed to our home for the weekend (The Roosevelt).

We went to the Roux House to check the AV and drop off the décor. We had some AV issues and finally ended back up in the suite to get ready for the Rehearsal Dinner.

Ashley and I had our makeup and hair done by Brandi B and it rocked!ash getting ready

We got to the church at 5:00 for the rehearsal. The rehearsal went smoothly and then we headed to the Roux House.

Dinner was delicious and then the amazing toasts began.

Mr. Ralf spoke first and welcomed Ashley to the family. Then Kevin (the best man) toasted the happly couple. Then it was my turn. I, of course, had a powerpoint and went for about 8 minutes. Then Dad had his turn. Finally, Ashley toasted Andrew and then Andrew toasted Ashley.

Andrew’s toast was incredible. It had over 130 slides and used movie titles as the words in his toast. You just have to see it understand it. I will post it when Bridefilm gets it back to us.

Then we took some photos!

Almost all the bridesmaids!

Me and my sweet sister, the bride!

So many photobombings:

Alex and Janice!

Family Photo!

The whole family!


Me and my sweetie!

It was a success! Happy Rehearsal Dinner! We love you!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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