Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bird House/Glitter Factory…

If you walked into my house around NYE you would see this in the dining room:IMG_4244

A big walled off area that says, “No Ashley” Allowed!

Inside you will find the surprise theme for her bridal shower that was held on Jan 4, 2014.IMG_4245


It started over a year ago when I asked Ashley what she wanted her bridal shower invite theme to be – she said Birds! Like Lovebirds. Done. Last Easter we bought all kinds of chocolate eggs to be ready for the shower. There is no way we could have found eggs in December! We are smart cookies.

So I was Pinteresting and made a board for Ashley’s Bridal Shower. One of the ideas included a bird house. So I asked Dad if he could make some bird houses. He said no problem.

A few months later I get this text from him:

Prototype done!


A few weeks later I get this:IMG_0088

Six bird houses were ready to go! Real bird houses! He left ventilation holes and caulked them. These are prime bird real estate! Dad painted them white and handed them over.

Then I got to work…


I used my new favorite glitter tool – glitter tape!IMG_1352

Then I put Sabrina to work…IMG_4308

We decorated and glittered all 6 houses and they looked pretty fantastic.IMG_4309IMG_4311

Next up: The Bridal Shower!
Thank you Sabby for all of your help!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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  1. So cute! And I totally had that same paint splatter comforter you used to block out the shower supplies!!!!!