Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ashley & Andrew Get Hitched! The Wedding Day Prep


Everyone knows me and my color coated lists. A+A’s wedding day was no different. I was split between 3 locations with assists everywhere.

We woke up on the wedding day and got right to work. Ashley ate breakfast and the bridesmaids arrived. It was a really relaxing day for Ashley, which is what we intended.

Our hair and makeup arrived right on time (Flawless Bride) and I was first in line to get ready. Once I was ready, I was off to see the dream team, check on the boys and other random jobs. A little while later the flowers arrived and they were perfect. (Nola Flora)

I went to check on the dream team…and boy were they working it! The place looked great. The chair covers were in place and they were working on the bars/dercor/everything.

While at the Wyndam, I ran into Ball! We took a mini-bridesmaids photo. Love my girls.

Back to Ashley…


As they dolled up Ashley, I checked on all the details. Everything was running smoothly. I headed back to the room and put on my dress. Then there were some shenanigans.


At the agreed upon time, I delivered Andrew’s wedding day gifts to him…IMG_apl0094IMG_apl0121

and then headed back to the Bridal Suite to help Ashley get dressed. Isn’t mom’s dress awesome!?!

Then flowers arrived from Andrew…IMG_apl0140

and everyone was excited…IMG_apl0148

then it was time to get her dressed!


We laced her in, put on her shoes and mom put in her veil. IMG_apl0196

Then I gave her Andrew’s gifts!


The boys headed out to Canal Street, while we stayed in the palace. IMG_apl0232IMG_apl0241

No one had any fun.


We had plenty of time and for photos! Mathew Foster did a great job!


Then it was time for the family photos!


Never a dull moment. As usual. IMG_apl0391



And then it was time to head to the church!IMG_apl0435IMG_apl0437

We were in the back stairwell as the ceremony was about to start. We said a prayer for Ashley and Andrew and then it was time to get started!


Next up: The Ceremony!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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