Monday, March 16, 2015

Chili Cook Off!- Saturday, March 7, 2015

The day had finally arrived! It was time for the annual cook off! There had been trash talk going on in our house for DAYS and DAYS. Doug was making an all meat chili and I was making a meat and bean chili. It was on! We had 7 chili’s competing this year and a few strawberry shortcakes. I planned to compete in both.

Here is the list of past categories and past winners…2015-03-07-20-34-28_IMG_7872

Doug got up to run 10 miles that Saturday morning while I went to get meat at Rare Cuts (Uptown). Those people know their meat! I got ground short rib ground, ground brisket and bacon for my chili. When I got home I found Doug had just arrived back and had been stung in the face by a bee. That bee just missed his right eye. His face was a bit swollen, but went ahead with our plans for the day. What a champ.

We headed to Rouses to get our last minute items for the night.


Once we got home, it was cooking time! Here is Doug’s meat…2015-03-07-12-51-20_IMG_7813

And here is mine…2015-03-07-12-51-28_IMG_7814

It was on!2015-03-07-13-17-16_IMG_7818

Doug roasted peppers and made his own paste…2015-03-07-13-17-22_IMG_78202015-03-07-14-11-34_IMG_7826



Doug had made a double batch so his pot was HUGE.


Once my chili was on the stove, I started making my strawberry shortcake biscuits…It took a few tries to make the dough, but I finally got it. Doug made my vanilla flavored whipped cream. I made my JoJo style strawberries. Doug aslo made me vanilla sugar to use in the biscuits and to top the biscuits. Yeah Doug!2015-03-07-15-46-50_IMG_7835

Here is a time lapse of Doug cooking his chili!

Doug Cooks chili in 3 minutes….

Here they are ready for the party!


Samantha, Shawn and Lauren came early to hang with us as Sam has an early bedtime. 2015-03-07-19-00-21_IMG_7840


Then it was 7 pm and all the chili arrived to be tasted!


Time lapse of the tastings!

Less than 3 minutes of tastings…

All the people were there…2015-03-07-20-32-49_IMG_7851






and we tasted and ate! Everyone voted for their favorite chili and then moved on to taste the strawberry shortcakes!2015-03-07-20-33-28_IMG_7860

After all the votes were tallied, the winner was announced…


Shockingly, I won BOTH categories! I won the Chili and Strawberry Shortcake cook offs! I was shocked. All the chili entries were so different. We had an orange one, a white one and many dark ones. My personal favorite was Shawn and Jamie’s sweet meaty chili.


Then we played some running charades and bad a blast. Thank you to everyone who came, entered, tasted and celebrated my birthday with me. I really had a blast!2015-03-07-20-34-19_IMG_7871

The only thing left was the clean up…here is DB hard at work…


Here are the final photo from the night:

2015-03-08-01-04-27_IMG_7883 2015-03-08-01-04-04_IMG_7880 (Large)

The past and the future! Next year will be Lasagna and Bread Pudding. I am excited about it already!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

P.S. I will post the recipes in a few days for BOTH dishes!

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  1. Sorry we missed it. Again. One year, by gosh, we will be there!!!