Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Lizzie’s Birthday Family Day!

Clearly, birthdays are big in my family. We had 3 straight days of celebrating!

The Sunday of my Birthday Weekend, we headed to Hammond to celebrate with my parents. Once we got there, we google chatted Alex and Janice in From Boston and I opened their gifts. (Thank you both for being so sweet and taking the time to chat while cooking breakfast!)2015-03-08-13-46-44_photo (6)

2015-03-10-10-07-55_hangout_snapshot_2 (2)

2015-03-10-10-07-57_hangout_snapshot_1 (2)

Then we at a delicious lasagna lunch. My Favorite.

Mom then ushered me to the birthday throne…



I was clearly excited!2015-03-08-13-12-58_IMG_7888

Mom and Dad got me some awesome birthday gifts. They are so generous and amazing. 2015-03-08-13-13-08_IMG_7889

I clearly have some fun faces….especially openings socks! ha. 2015-03-08-13-13-47_IMG_78912015-03-08-13-13-48_IMG_7892

They got me some new perfume…2015-03-08-13-14-55_IMG_7895

Dad said he picked it out himself…2015-03-08-13-15-39_IMG_7896

testing the product. ha.2015-03-08-13-16-05_IMG_7898



Then the came my favorite pie ever made….my mom’s fresh blueberry pie!2015-03-08-13-26-12_IMG_7903

They sang to me and we dove into the pie!2015-03-08-13-26-26_IMG_7905

Then we spent some time out in the sunshine…2015-03-08-15-58-46_IMG_0046

I think Doug was worn out from my birthday weekend….what do you think?

2015-03-08-18-32-38_photo 2 (2)

We moved inside and all hung out. It was a pretty relaxing day and exactly what we all needed. We eventually headed back to Nola to de-birthday the house. It really was an amazing birthday weekend.

Thank you again to Mom, Dad, Ashley, Doug, Sarah and Andrew. You truly outdid yourselves. I love you all very, very  much!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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