Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Nola Food Tour

This past weekend Doug and I attended a walking food tour in New Orleans by Tastebud Tours.

It was one of our “date envelope” dates by Douglas! He did a great job on this date because 1. it brought is down the Quarter on a super beautiful day and 2. it was yummy!

Our first stop was at Serio’s for a muffaletta. Here is the most unattractive photo I have taken in a while as I consume this massive muffaletta.


and Doug with is Italian invention.IMG_2125

I actually prefer these mufaletta’s over Central Grocery…I know, I know. Gasp! Blasphemy! It is less greasy (which is why DB prefers Central Grocery’s) and the bread was soft. Yum.

Stop 2: Café Beignet!

Even though this Café is NEXT DOOR to where I worked for years, I had never been there. It is on Bourbon Street next to Arnaud’s. The beignet was delicious and here I am licking the extra powdered sugar. IMG_20150228_140820


Stop 3: The Gumbo Pot (Not Shop)

We had some gumbo and jambalaya. The seafood gumbo was pretty yummy. I was feeling kinda meh about the jambalaya.


Stop 4: Johnny’s Po-Boys!

OMG. Why had I not been here before. Their roast beef po-boy was AMAZING. Just awesome. I want more of it right now!IMG_20150228_153511

We ARE going back there soon.

Stop 5: Laura’s Candies!

YUM! No photos of the candies because we were too busy tasting their multiple types of pralines. I loved the Rum and Coconut ones. They were even better when you mixed them. I had to avoid the chocolate samples (stinking lent), but the pralines kept me happy. 

Of course, we heard history and New Orleans details throughout the tour. She said it was the first time she had locals in the tour. We were honored to be her first! Smile

I would highly recommend the tour if you are visiting the city. Even if you are a local, it was fun. I am glad we went. It was yummy and I found po-boys to die for.

I love this city.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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