Tuesday, September 20, 2016

May 4 & 5, 2016–Our 4 year anniversary!

Our four year anniversary was finally here! We made it four long, wonderful years Smile.

The night before our anniversary, we went out with friends to dinner and got showballs after. Poppi and Doc watched the girls while we were out. It was our first night out.

Here we are in the car and out for the snowballs.


The following day Doug gave me all of my anniversary gifts. The 4th year is “Fruit and Flowers” so doug got me so much awesomeness!

Here is one of my 2 new fig trees!


Here is one of my 8 new blueberry bushes! (and him eating the pepper I gave him.)


After he showed me my new plants (blueberries, figs, and 2 loquat trees), we headed to Doug’s volleyball game!


I got to watch our team play. It was great being out there. After they played, we headed to our favorite fancy restaurant for Cinco de Mayo – Izzo’s!2016-05-05-20-18-38_IMG_43002016-05-05-20-18-39_IMG_43012016-05-05-20-18-39_IMG_4302

After we ate our burritos we headed to the car, took a photo with cinco and I gave Doug his anniversary gifts – all fruit and flower themed items.

Underwear, floaties for the pool and random items.



After that we went home and caught up on some sleep. It was a great anniversary – pretty low key. We are blessed that we could get out.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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