Thursday, September 15, 2016

Twins–Week 4 & A special Visit!

The fourth week was better than the third by leaps and bounds. My family had been there non stop from when they were born and this was the week they took a break because Doug’s family came to stay! It was great to see them and my family truly needed a break from helping me 24/7. Literally.

Here are some of the fun moments!

This is the closest Hoodrat had come to the babies…


I made it outside for a little walk.


Inside with my babies!


Doug’s family arrived! Here are the men with some little ladies:


Some family photos!


It was wonderful having doug’s family in town. They made us such delicious food and the company was great. Thank you so much for coming!

And then they were 4 weeks! So fast!


Mommy with the girls!


My sweet girls! 4 weeks already! It really does go so fast. They don’t lie.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie (Mommy)

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  1. You're going to blink and they'll be in kindergarten. Truth.