Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Twins–Week 7


Hazel giving us one of her first smiles…2016-05-09-18-08-56_IMG_4340

Norm started pretending to be a twin to get some love:2016-05-11-16-57-32_IMG_43502016-05-13-10-17-53_IMG_4359

Here are my notes from Week 7:

Hazel looked at me and smiled.
Emma looked at Doug and smiled.
Emma started liking the swing.
They were truly looking at you.
Had our first successful walk outside in the stroller and they fell asleep.
Had my first 10k step day post baby.
Emma cried her first real tears.
I fed the girls alone for the first time and survived.
Hazel rolled from her stomach to her back.


Never a dull moment!


Norm trying to get some lovin’ and getting super close to the baby. This was a rare moment. 2016-05-12-17-15-47_IMG_4355

Daddy and Emma hanging out.


Love this photo! They were “seeing” us. 2016-05-13-11-24-29_IMG_4361

Mommy and Emma time.


Daddy and Hazel time. Doug had played volleyball in a tournament and was a bit sunburned.


The first time they heard their ABC’s. Don’t they look thrilled?2016-05-15-09-58-22_IMG_4390

READ US MORE! ha. 2016-05-15-09-58-10_IMG_4388


…and just like that….they were 7 weeks old! They filled out their outfits much better now!


Love and Hugs, Mommy/Lizzie

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