Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

We are a lucky and blessed family. Plus it appears we were all REALLY good this year. We all sat together on the super sofa and handed out presents from each other and Santa.

Get Ready:


GO Alex!

Ashley made Alex a Christmas ornament…at first he looks very confused. Then he realized what she made it of… Let’s just say she cut and paper mache-d images from an adult men’s magazine. IMG_5007IMG_5008

GO Dad!

Dad got lots of coke points (his favorite), t shirts, a hat, heavy duty shredder and other fun stuff.


GO Ashley!

I have never seen anyone so excited about a broom, dust pan and yard tools.


Her big gift! A keyboard!

(check out that hot onsie!)

GO Andrew!

Yes..he really is this excited about the iron. He said it was a fancy iron. IMG_5070IMG_5073

GO Doug!

Such excited faces for flip flops, under armor and a bike stand!IMG_5096

GO Lizzie!

Yes, I really am that excited about a case of hand warmers, plastic bins and a travel contour pillow. You know you are getting old when…IMG_5131

GO Mom!

Mom got quite a few hummingbird feeders, food (powder and liquid) and all kinds of flags. The best present is a sign Ashley painted. See it below! We plan to put it on the chicken coop!IMG_5140

We also got to open the gifts from Doug’s family we had been holding since Thanksgiving. They were taunting us for over a month!IMG_5142
Thank you so much DJ, Steve, Jenni, Craig, Tom and Libby! You guys are so stinking awesome!

The main takeaways from this blog:
1. My family makes awesome faces when opening Christmas presents.
2. We are so very lucky and blessed.
3. We were (clearly) very good this year.
4. Expect to hear Ashley jamming on her new keyboard!

Love and Hugs,


1 comment:

  1. 1. I wish you had gotten a full-length photo of Ashley in her onesie.
    2. But I do love Doug's Christmas morning bowtie. Classy, DB!
    3. Awesome chicken coop sign, Ash!
    4. Alex's ornament is beyond words.
    5. Y'all rock.