Monday, December 19, 2011

Mom’s Birthday!

This past Tuesday I went to celebrate Mom’s birthday with her and Dad. I took a vacation day and partied all day long with her.

Our first stop on her birthday was:


Be jealous!

Then we headed for her favorite birthday lunch. While we were at Lowe’s she said to make sure they do not put that “coodie” hat on me at lunch! I hoped Dad knew this rule has he arrived first.

We arrived at Adobe and had a delicious lunch. Then the singing staff came out to sing and deliver the “coodie” hat! ha!


After lunch, Alex and I went home to decorate with the very dirty signs that he and his friends had drawn the night before while drinking. They are so dirty I cannot show them here. :)

Mom racked up!


Herbs, wine opener, chicken feeder, humming bird feeders, flowers, hummingbird food, and …




My big gift to Mom was helping her organizer her office. We spent over 10 hours in there and it looks fantastic! Great job Mom!

I have the best parents in the world! It was fun to spend the whole day with her and Dad. Happy Birthday Mom. Love you!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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