Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy (late) 3rd birthday Kit!

Three years ago, I called on a veterinary hospital on the Northshore. I talked to the doctors and as I was about to leave, this little orange kitten was brought in the front door. He was trapped in this lady’s car engine as she went to run to the grocery store.

She got back home from the store and heard meowing from the hood. She opened the hood and found a little wet, burned kitten. She was sure it was in her car for the ride to the store and back.


She brought it to the hospital to make sure it would live and to find a home for the sweet baby. I _just happened_ to be standing there when the little orange baby started meowing.

The tip of his tail had been burnt off and his little feet were all burned. He also had a terrible eye infection. I said I would “foster” him until he was healthy and then give him up for adoption. What I fool I was.

We nursed him back to health, vaccinated him and he still lives with me today. He likes to sleep under the covers curled up between my left arm and my side. Such a sweet baby!

The Name Debate – When Kit came home he was named Higgins (as in the boat that landed ashore on Normandy Beach), but then it became Hoodrat (because he looked like a little rat when the lady opened the hood), Pumpking (because it was the fall and he was orange) and Kit (from Kitten). Ashley still calls him HR (Hoodrat), Sarah calls him Animal and I call him Kit.  Call him what you wish!



Play time:DSC07109

Today he lives the high life. He sleeps all day on my bed and chills with Normandy Beach (his big brother).

Here we are watching the Saint’s game in 2011:


I am such a cat lady! :)

Happy Birthday Kit!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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  1. Yay Kit! He has such the good life now at the Shack, and I am sure he will be eternally grateful to you, LP. :)