Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Santa came to Hammond!

We had the distinct honor of having Santa visit us two nights before Christmas while my Mom’s family came to visit. We were all just hanging out and eating when Santa came!

Santa mentioned the outdoor lights helped him find out house even with one of his reindeer having glaucoma. Santa arrived with bells and lots of kids screaming. Ashley and I acted as stand in elves to help Santa give out early Christmas presents.

Right – Santa with Lizzie, Collin, Ashley and Elaina
Left – Santa with Collin

5 above: Santa with Ethan, Santa with Elaina, Santa with Karlie, Santa with Evan, Santa with Ethan and Evan
Above: Santa with April, Santa with Beabud/Nan Nan/Carolyn
Above: Santa with Stephanie, Santa with Elaina, Santa with Ashley
Above: Santa with Lizzie, Patti and Mike

After Santa left we had some fun with lots of awesome toys! Thank you Santa for stopping by during your busy season! We love you!IMG_4989

Love and Hugs,


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