Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Chicks have come home to roost!

Last week I had the distinct honor of going to the feed and seed with my parents to pick out our newest members of the family!

We arrived at the Hammond Feed and Seed to find a side room with all the chickens and ducks in little crates.  You could just reach in and pick out the chickens you wanted to buy.

We picked two white chickens from this batch:


And then we picked to “easter eggers” (the brown stripped ones) from this batch:IMG_5247

Then I got in the cage:IMG_5249
Just kidding :)

AND WE TOOK THEM HOME! They rode in my hands the whole way home. They were so exhausted (from being born to days ago?) that they slept the entire way..All four in my hands.


And then we had a photo shoot:

They were so stinking cute!! and Loud. :)
I did want to show you this one last photo. They really were tired when they finally got in the cage they fell asleep in odd positions:


Last, but not least…here is a little video of the new babies:

Chicks that Rock

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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