Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Weekend One of THE MARDI GRAS

has taken over my life. My house is a wreck, my costumes are almost ready and I love it. All because I love the Mardi Gras.

We did not use (much) glitter this year so the good part is that my house is not covered in glitter, but it is covered in wedding stuff and everything else! Yay!

We went to parades last weekend and had a blast. On Friday, we joined Josh, Amber and Harper at their spot:


Then on Saturday we spent our day working on the electric gate at Doug’s house and did not actually make it to parades as planned. A huge THANK YOU for Josh for helping out Doug. I was less than helpful.


I would like to note that most of the day was spent with Doug watching Josh…I just happened to take a photo when Josh was watching. :)IMG_0796[1]IMG_0791[1]

I had some fun in my purple, green and gold!

YAY Mardi Gras!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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