Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Drive home from a Carolina

So, this past Saturday I arrived outside of Charlotte, Some Carolina, to meet Janessa for the evening. We arrived at my regular (the Hampton Inn) in Pineville, Some Carolina to stay for the evening.

Janessa had some much needed girl time after eating Chipotle for dinner. We stayed up talking until what felt like 2 am, but was actually 11:30 am. :)

Woke up around 9 the following morning, had breakfast in the children hockey team infested breakfast room (which was super cute) and said our goodbyes in the parking lot. It was sad to leave her as I do not get to see her as much as I want.

I get in my car and rest my elbow on the center console and hear “Crack”…I was confused for a moment as I had no idea what I could have cracked or what would make that noise. I opened the console and found the GPS Doug lent me with a huge crack in the screen. Evidently, I did not put it fully in the empty console and had left it too close to the edge and when I applied a little pressure the console top broke the GPS.

I was not too distressed as the screen was still readable and I would still be able to read the maps. So I plugged it in and placed it in the holder. It worked! I could see the map. So I touched it to tell it where I wanted to go (which was HOME), but I broke the screen where I had to touch it and it was then I realized it was a TOUCH SCREEN and there is no way I could enter an address. Well, $%#t.

Luckily, I had my iphone to use. I plugged in the city and tried to read the “Maps” app on my iphone, which just sucks compared to a GPS. I got lost, of course, but only made one wrong turn the whole rest of the way home. It was a bit challenging through Atlanta, but I figured it out. Once I hit the interstate to bring me to Mobile, I no longer needed assistance. It really pointed out how much I was relying on the GPS and how I would had to buy a Map (are those still made?) if I did not have a smart phone. How did we do it 10 years ago?

Anyway, I made it home safe and sound. I got to see my Doug (and boys: Normandy and Kit) Life is great, except now I have to buy DB a new GPS. All in all, not a big deal. :)

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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