Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Friday post becomes Monday fun...

The most beautiful thing I have ever caught during Mardi Gras.
One of my favorite people in the whole world, Kristian, rides in Muses (which happens to be my favorite parade). Days before she rode, she displayed this amazing shoe on her facebook. I told her how I admired the shoe and she said she wanted ME to have it. I about fell over.
The day before Muses rode, she called and asked if she should load it on the float or just give it to me next time we saw each other. I said it had to be on the float and legitimately caught off the Muses float for it to “count”.
Little did I know she worried over the shoe and protected it like a mother hen the whole ride. She said she was so scared it would get damaged or lost during the chaos of the ride.
The entire parade stopped just as her float was about to get to us. Doug and I walked to her float with our sign. She immediately saw us and started looking around for a way to get us the shoe. We walked up to the front of the float (she was on the top row) and boxed out anyone to create a small hole where she could drop the shoe. As soon as the shoe was raised above the float and the crowd could see it THE CROWD WENT NUTS. I could hear everyone screaming around us. She quickly dropped it right into Doug’s hands (as he is the taller one) and he gave it to me. Kristian looked immediately relieved…she completely de-stressed and was all smiles.
We blew her a million kisses and I did a dance with my new amazing boot. It is so freaking unreal. I LOVE IT. So amazing.
Of course, the next day Kristian checked in with me to see if she needed to fix anything on the shoe. She did not want me to have a damaged shoe. I told her it was flawless and not to worry. It is now living on my mantle and will come out every single Mardi Gras for the rest of my life.
Thank you KK! YOU are amazing.
Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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