Friday, December 28, 2012

December Date Night!

Doug and I finally did our December date night!

Here were the rules and some wedding supplies I pulled out…

I actually remembered a cute idea that Ms. Liz (Andrew’s mom) had emailed Ashley. It was to make an ornament from your wedding invite. With that picture in my head, I proposed the idea to Doug. He agreed…or so I thought. Check out his face in these pictures!

So we got to work. I cut our wedding invite into strips and curled them. Doug put the curly strips of paper into the clear glass ornament…

IMG_1529 IMG_1533IMG_1531

Once we were finished, I glued the top on tied a green ribbon (from the wedding).  



All finished!

If you are wondering, we did have the hot chocolate, but no photos were taken. For the record, it was about 75 degrees outside. Typical Louisiana weather.

Thank you Ashley, Andrew, Janessa, and Matthew for the date night and Mrs. Liz for the idea!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie


  1. So who was the third wheel on your date night that took all the pics?

  2. Ashley and Andrew were in town :)