Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Samantha Rose – November 30, 2012

Doug’s best friend (and best man in our wedding), Shawn, has been a thorn in my side since the day I met him. I honestly questioned dating Doug as I was concerned in his choices in friends. I immediately did not like Shawn. He was sarcastic, jerky and rude.

Doug said I just had to get to know him. I told Doug I really did not care to be around him long enough to find out any more than I had already. I am really not sure when or how it happened, but somehow Doug was right…Shawn is pretty awesome. As much as I disliked him in the beginning is as much as I like him now. It might have something to do with his AWESOME wife, Lauren… Seriously though, Shawn is a fabulous friend to Doug and I.


Back to the point….Shawn and Lauren were expecting a baby in December! They did not find out the sex so we were all excited and guessing what they were having. I told Shawn to keep me updated and we would help out however we could. Shawn texted us to tell us they were inducing Lauren November 29 and to get ready…

My only job was to pick up Ms. Gay (Shawn’s mom) from the airport. Good. One job is good. :)

After a long, hard day for Lauren, Samantha Rose was born on November 30. He brought her out to the waiting room and announced it was a girl! 
IMG_1393 IMG_1392

I have never seen Shawn so proud and excited. IMG_1394
He got to stay in while they weighed and measured her…
IMG_1398 IMG_1399IMG_1397
And then he got kicked out…hehe…

We got to hang with the new dad in the waiting area for a bit while we waited to see Lauren…  IMG_1402

And then she got passed around like a hot potato, except no one wanted to actually give her to the next person. Even Uncle Doug grabbed her for a bit.


Congrats Shawn and Lauren! You did a great job! Samantha is awesome! :)    IMG_1401

And you know the biggest surprise of all? They asked me to be Sam’s Godmother! It might be true they wanted to ask Doug more than me, but it does not matter now. They are stuck with me…all three of them!

I really am truly honored to be Sam’s Godmother. She and I are going to have lots of fun. And I get to drive Shawn and Lauren crazy with girlie things…I keep buying pink things covered in glitter and ruffles! :)

Get ready Sam! We are going to be hanging out a lot!!

(For more cute Sam photos, click here to see her newbie pictures!)

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

P.S. Happy Birthday Lauren! You are a rockstar!
(P.S.S Happy Birthday Charlie!! )

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  1. Yay Samantha Rose! Welcome to the world. You have one awesome godmother. :)
    LPb, the location of those pics looks awfully familiar....ready to be back there in March??? Maybe you'll spend YOUR bday there. :)