Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A chance meeting…

Once upon a time, Sarah called me and need me to do a HUGE favor for her. She was scheduled to attend a meet and greet with Drew Brees, but her coworker could not go with her as she was sick. It was such an inconvenience as I had many things to do like wash my hair, clean my house and work out. Because I am such a great friend I put aside all of my pertinent tasks and went to meet her before heading to Galatoire’s.
(Translated: Sarah texted me about the meet and greet and I went home to change that moment. I had to wear something cute to meet Drew Brees in as it would be framed in my house forever!)

We arrived on time to the meet and greet. We had no idea what to expect so when we walked in we were shocked to be two of only 8 people in the room. The first person we saw was Drew and we panicked. We walked right by him as we were not prepared to just walk in and say hello.

We got a drink, took a tour of the restaurant and finally met Drew. He was so incredibility nice and down to earth. We talked to him for a few minutes, all snacked on a soufflé potato (which he said we had to eat because they were delicious, but I have to admit Arnaud’s soufflé potatoes are so much better….No, I did not tell him that. I have SOME manners).

They had a very nice gentleman, Sean, from Lakeside Camera taking photos of Drew with the meet and greet guests. Once our conversation with Drew was winding down, Sean took our photo with Drew….Enjoy these beauties…5x7 -2377
5x7 -2378
Not sure which of these I like more….The first one looks like I am leaning my head on his shoulder and you can see Sarah and I’s hands on his back in the mirror. Funny story here….when we lined up for the photo I put my hand on her hand, but when I realized it, it was too late and would have been awkward if I had slid my hand down his back. Too creepy. So I just left it on Sarah’s hand.

So we took those two above photos with Drew and he gave us both a little pat on the back. We said our goodbyes and went to chow down on the delicious food.

A little while later we hanging out with Sean and we told him we wanted to take a creeper photo with Drew in the background. I was mid-sentence in telling him what I wanted when he snapped our “creeper” picture…
5x7 -2388
Ha. Classic.

Then we asked Sean if we could take a party pic of just Sarah and I. He agreed and let us annoy him most of the night. He was a really good sport.
   5x7 -2387
Just because we are crazy, we also took some video. Enjoy my crazy.

Thank You Sarah for inviting me on this crazy adventure. It was awesome. I will rearrange my schedule anytime if you require it. :)
Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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