Friday, July 19, 2013

Alas………….ka – Part I

My amazing, beer brewing, smart, little brother moved to Alaska to be an assistant brewer at the 49th State Brewery in Healy. He left in April and went to see the wild frontier. Reports were that living there is “not glamorous” or fancy, but the scenery was beautiful.

Mom, Dad and Doug had planned to visit Alex during June of this year. About two weeks before the trip, I decided to tag along…I mean, why not?

We flew threw Denver (2.5 hours) and then on to Anchorage (5 hours). It took a long time to travel there. When we arrived we headed over to the hotel and checked in. Mom and Dad got there a few hours after us and had been traveling for over 12 as they had more stops than us, but don’t feel to bad for them as they were in 1st class. :)

We were in bed when they arrived at midnight in Anchorage (3 am Central Time). It was a LONG DAY.

The following morning we got up and headed to pick up our sweet rental van.

alaska 002 alaska 003

We packed up and headed to the most picturesque Wal Mart I have ever seen (see the mountains behind us). We just had to take this picture because Alex assured us there were no Wal Marts in Alaska so we had to text him this…


After our shopping spree for preparing to go into the “wild” we got on the road. An hour into the trip we stopped for lunch in Wasilla, the home of Sarah Palin. We did not see Sarah out and about, but we did have a great lunch at a bread shop. Yelp helped us get there, but Doug’s phone put in the wrong address. We ended up getting a little lost and ending up at a trailer pack before we realized our mistake. We made fun of Doug for a while, but that really is the fun part of road trips, right?
 alaska 005 alaska 004

FOUR hours later we arrived in Healy. We went straight to see Alex at work. alaska 006

After some visiting, we sat down for dinner and beer.   alaska 008

Notice the beer holder is in the shape of Alaska…they are a very proud state. ALMOST as proud as Texas.  alaska 009

It was at this stop that I learned about Alaskan Mosquitoes. Holy Crap. They were terrible and HUGE. More on this later.
 alaska 010 (2)

After a fabulous dinner, we decided to head to bed. It was like going to sleep at 6 pm in Louisiana. It was SO BRIGHT at 10 pm! It was very odd.

Here are some shots of our sweet digs in the wild…

IMG_2595IMG_2597  IMG_2596

Sexy, right?

That day just happened to also be Doug and I’s anniversary! Since we could not pack the cinco, I brought a picture of him.

Doug has actually been out with Alex at trivia night and come home very intoxicated. Doesn’t he look happy? They had almost won Trivia. The topics were beer, computers and Alaska. They had kicked ass until the "Alaska” topic. Congrats on second place boys!

Another side note – look at Doug’s crazy pinky. ha.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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