Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dad’s birthday 2013

As we catch you up on life, I bring to you Dad’s birthday. Yes, it was in May, but I have not blogged it yet! So here goes.

Dad’s birthday was awesome. He decided he wanted to eat completely for free on his birthday. He used birthday coupons all day long. Here are some examples:
On his birthday I headed to Hammond for work. When lunchtime hit, I went to have lunch with Mom and Dad.
He got a free burger from Mariners. We had a lovely lunch and then I gave him his birthday present from all of us.
He was very excited about his Dump Cart! :) It was a heavy duty one. I expect it will get much use.

Then I headed back to work while Dad continued his “free birthday rampage” (see photos above of starbucks and dinner sub).

Later that night, I called Dad again and Mom gave him his cake.
A few nights before that we had a google hang out to celebrate Dad’s birthday as Alex was in Alaska and Ashley was in Atlanta. (So many A’s). Here is the tail end of us singing happy birthday:

As you can see, Dad is wearing a snazzy hat. That was his birthday present from Ashley. He LOVES that hat.

I hope your birthday rocked Dad. It seems so long ago…because it was.  :)

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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