Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Alas…………ka Part II

The next day we got up and put on bug spray like it was deodorant and headed to Denali State Park. alaska 011

Well first, we picked up Alex and then headed there. We stopped at the entrance to prove to you where we were.


It is a 15 mile drive into the wilderness. We saw lots of wildlife.  For example, right after entering the park, A HUGE MOOSE tripped/fell/ran into the street in front of our minivan and I was driving. Talk about scary. No one got a picture of that and it was over in an instant, but sheesh...intense.

Once we arrived at our stop (the furthest point in which a car can go), we got prepared for our hike. We were about to hike the Savage River. We were told by a ranger it was an easy, flat hike. My ass. I am not sure what her flat looks like, but it is clearly not New Orleans.

Maybe it looks a little flat, but it is deceiving.  :)IMG_2601 

DSCN0492 DSCN0493 
DSCN0473 DSCN0486DSCN0475 DSCN0476   
DSCN0489  DSCN0504

There was a point we had to climb over an ice sheet and if you slipped, you would end up IN the Savage River. I was not happy…clearly…


But we made it. It was pretty scary actually.  As you can see, I was not impressed. You can see the ice sheet in this photo:
DSCN0502  alaska 014

We saw some Caribou:

DSCN0505 alaska 028 
alaska 015 (2)   alaska 024

After our hike was over, we were driving out of the park and noticed lots of cars stopped. In Alaska that means there is wildlife. So we stopped too…and we found a mother moose with two calves!
DSCN0506 DSCN0507 DSCN0508

It was very cool. She really was not concerned with us and that was ok with me.

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