Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ashley’s Wedding Dress + Micah and Melissa = Partay.

After leaving Jackie and Pat, I headed straight for Atlanta. I arrived in ATL around 8 pm with plans to make a quick (important) stop to meet Micah and Melissa, pick up Ashley’s wedding dress, and get as close to Nola as I could.

I found out a week before this trip that Ashley’s wedding dress was ready to be picked up in Atlanta. She had planned to have them ship it, but with the update that I was driving through she asked Melissa, a rockstar friend to Ashley, to pick it up from the salon and I could get it from their house.

The Peyroux girls always have to have a great story with wedding dress delivery. You remember mine, right? Ridiculous. Thank you again Amanda! Back to Ashley….

I arrived at Micah and Melissa’s house to finally meet them in person. We hit if off and 5 hours later I agreed to stay at their beautiful house as it was too late to drive.

Sadly, I did not take any pictures with Micah, Melissa or Cobalt (their awesome pup), but I did get this picture from the following morning when I was about to drive away:

The box in the trunk is Ashley’s wedding dress!

Here is the box…no sneak peaks for you! You have to wait until the wedding!

I packed up the car…

and headed to Nola. I arrived that night and was glad to be home. Clearly you can see I had a blast, but boy it is nice to be home.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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