Friday, September 6, 2013

The 80’s rock!

Two of my dear friends threw an 80’s party a few weeks ago. It was huge.

They put so much work into the decor. The TV showed videos that matched the music being played in the dance room.

IMG_3150 IMG_3152

The best part of his party are the costumes. Ryan did “Walk like an Egyptian”. IMG_3165_1   IMG_3153

The Pack Man cookies were pretty freaking awesome too. (Cute and Delicious!) IMG_3154

Sarah and I with Boy George! :) Dustin looked awesome.



My favorite costume of the night was Jem! She was truly, truly, truly outrageous!!

IMG_3161_1 IMG_3159


You can see some costumes behind Ryan…Check out the MTV moon man!

IMG_3158  IMG_3162_1 

It was a great party. Sarah and I had a blast! Thank you Ryan and Dustin!

Next time I will take more pictures of costumes.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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