Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tulane Band Day (Tulane vs. USA)

Doug mentioned he wanted to go to Tulane Band Day. As I had never been to a Tulane game, I was in. We got tickets and arrived at the Superdome a few minutes after kick off. We got rockstar parking next to the dome and headed to security. Of course, they did not let our bag into the Dome so Doug had to bring it back to the car – thank goodness we were parked close.

After many misunderstandings, we finally found each other and went to sit down.

We watched as Tulane was playing really well. A little while later we had a special guest come to find us…Leon!

It is always great to see the Leon. I was looking at the players and I noticed a player named Van Hooser. I happened to know is dad pretty well through work so I texted Dr. Bill and found him during half time. Check out his pants! They were awesome.

Then I watched the “band day” part of the game:

Doug got this awesome picture of Riptide the Pelican… 

and this awesome picture of Joe Montana…

Can you see him? haha. Me either..:)

As the game progressed, Doug and I made some new adorable buddies…

Sadly, Tulane lost in the last few minutes, but they played an awesome game. I really did enjoy going.

Once the game ended we started walking to the car. On our way we passed the “Rebirth” sculpture. It really is amazing. You may or may not know the Atlanta Falcons will not allow any logo or name on the Falcons player in the sculpture. Clearly, some New Orleans fans have taken care of that…



The following day was the LSU vs. Saints game. I liked how they decorated the sculpture just in time. There was also a sign on the jersey explaining that the Falcons would not allow their colors/logo/likeness.

Fun day….I am glad we went.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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