Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Italy Trip Overview

There is much to say here.

Doug and I had planned to take a big trip after our wedding – an official “honeymoon” if you will. At first we planned on going to Australia and New Zealand. The more we researched, the more anxious I became about the trip. So much flying. So many boats. So much travel. So far away. Nervous Lizzie got the better of me and requested we change the trip to Italy.

After discussion and talking for a bit, Doug was more than willing to go to Italy as our honeymoon. The problem is that we never set a date for it. It kept sliding back further and further in our calendar. A wedding would pop up or an event we wanted to attend.

IMG_0113As the trip got further and further away from our wedding, we just cancelled it. We said we were not going to Italy anymore.

Then a few months later, I started to question why we had not made time to make this amazing trip happen. I thought a lot about how a little fear or anxiety might be stopping us from traveling Italy. How stupid.

One night, I told Doug I thought we should make Italy happen. He as, of course, all for it. Then we took a step that was different than before – we set dates. A few days later Doug bought the flights. That made it official. We were really going. A month before the trip we finally got around to booking hotels, the car, etc, but it really did not matter as I knew we were going.


Doug did most of the legwork on this trip. He planned the whole thing. It was great. He researched the hotels, we would discuss them and then he would book it. He was(is) amazing.

Doug planned a 16 day trip with many cities involved. While were in Italy, we did a daily blog and it was a labor of love. It was work. (Side note: For all those who think blogging is easy and there is not much to it, should try it. They will be singing a different tune.) Yes, I am glad we did it NOW, but at the time it was hard to imagine it was worth all the work. Here is the link to the blog we did each night.

Since a detailed blog already exists of this trip I will use this blog to share fun photos, funny stories, etc. I will use the text from the Travelpod Blog and add some details. IMG_1140

I would also like to note that Doug and I have been wanting a nice camera for a few years and we finally bought a Canon SLR to take with us to Italy so the photos are amazing. That camera makes me an amazing photographer. Smile

Not only did Doug bring the new, fancy camera, but he also brought the GoPro so there will be some videos we did not put on the Travelpod.

I hope you enjoy the Italy recap. This also is a labor of love.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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