Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Rory turns ONE!

Where has the time gone? How is he already one?! And this party was in March! Sheesh.
Courtney asked me to be the official photographer at Rory’s 1st birthday and I happily accepted. I have stolen all these photos from her blog as I took no pictures on my own camera. Smile
Courtney blogged about Rory’s party here and here if you want to read her words.

The party was adorable. It was sock monkey themed and the d├ęcor was just perfect. The cake was amazing (well done Kenny and Mrs. Cheryl) and the party was super fun.

Rory was not sure what to do with all the people singing Happy Birthday and it was so stinking cute. It look like he was about to lose it the entire time. DSC_1119DSC_1120

Courtney said I took over 400 photos for her to sort through. Rather daunting I think. Maybe I will focus more on quality vs. quantity next time.

Rory had quite the audience:

I love this photo as it shows Riley on his first birthday (top) and Rory at his first birthday (bottom).
One Year

Doug and I enjoyed the whole family and had quality time with our dear friends. The party was adorable and fun. We were honored to attend.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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  1. Thanks again SO much for taking those pics. You captured so many memories from the day. But I am shocked you didn't include the pic of me wearing your sock monkey hat and Ashley's slippers at the end of the day! ;)