Tuesday, June 10, 2014

St. Patty’s Day Parade 2014

My favorite parade rolled Uptown in March. We attended Beth and Scotty’s house party where we reveled in corned beef, roasted vegetables, salad, and other happiness including Beth’s Irish Soda Bread. I LOVE BETH’S IRISH SODA BREAD!

Here we are enjoying it…

We headed to the parade route and found a spot just as the parade hit. We had quite a group.

One surprise guest came in from California! Yay Janessa!!

I think she had some fun…


Fun parade moments ahead:

Sarah caught the first produce.IMG_47892014_03_15_IMG_00222014_03_15_IMG_00302014_03_15_IMG_00242014_03_15_IMG_0034

We found John S!2014_03_15_IMG_0044IMG_4804

I was excited….2014_03_15_IMG_0048

to see….Rob Ryan!2014_03_15_IMG_0053

Then, Dr. Jack came by!!


he gave me lots of hugs….and a blow up roach. I was not happy. I brought it back to him…ha.

THEN Thomas Morstead came by!2014_03_15_IMG_0073

People parading by:IMG_4801


Then Scott, Greg and Sean stopped by! I love these men in skirts….I mean kilts.

Doug actually caught this and then proceeded to wear it the rest of the day.

We love St. Patty’s day throws:2014_03_15_IMG_00922014_03_15_IMG_0099

Then we saw Float #3 – full of our friends… See Bruce and Ryan here.


After the parade we headed back to Beth and Scotty’s house. While there for a while (after the parade long ended) we intercepted our friend Josh who happened to be walking the wrong way down Constance. We assisted him as he was slightly impaired due adult beverages. We walked him back to the party he was suppose to be at. We also picked up our buddy Greg on the way. 

There might also have been some video taken of Josh in said impaired state, but it has magically disappeared. Not sure how that happened. Smile

We had a hell of a day. Thank you Beth and Scotty for having us! I am still dreaming about your Irish Soda Bread.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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