Friday, August 8, 2014

Bailey Grace turns 2!

Doug and I headed up to Memphis for Bailey’s 2nd birthday party the first week in July.

We got up there late July 4th, visited for a few minutes and then headed to bed. The next morning, we were greeted with this sweet face!


Uncle Doug’s job was to keep the bubble machine full!IMG_2845

Every time she would see the camera she would say “cheese!” even if it was just sitting on the table.



All I see is Craig here….IMG_2889

We took a few videos…well, actually BG took a few

Uncle Doug filmed by BG.

and then Uncle Doug took over.

BG party time!

BG :)

Once everything was set, it was time for BG to make her grand debut for her birthday party!


She looked adorable! After we ate and partied, it was cake time!

Bailey blowing out her candles!



I think she liked it SmileIMG_2967


Then she got to open all her presents! I have a bunch of photos of this adorableness, but I really wanted to share her opening her diamond from Doug and I.


BG, I know you had such fun! After presents, we headed to the pool and played for hours outside!

BG, you are very loved! Happy 2nd birthday!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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