Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Our Photos with Cinco - 2nd Year of Marriage

Here is our collage for the 2013/14 years. Descriptions below. Our Second Year with Cinco (with text)

June 2013 – In Healy, Alaska while visiting Alex. Doug and Alex had been out at a trivia night and Doug came back to the hotel room a little drunkie.


July 2013 at the Chef’s table at Commander’s Palace for Doug’s Birthday. 2013-07-05-23-42-45_IMG_2772

August 2013 – I was at the O’Henry Hotel in Greensboro, North Carolina and Doug was at home. I was out of town on training so we google chatted and took these photos. 08.05.2013 pinata08.05.2013 anniversary2

September 2013 – At the Shack.

October 2013 at Adobe in Hammond – eating lunch with my family.

November 2013 – outside the Shack. The butterfly plant had bloomed so hard it has hanging down everywhere.

December 2013 – after sushi dinner at Taste of Tokyo in River Ridge.

January 2014 – Outside the Shack (under the same butterfly plant)2014-01-05-11-50-58_IMG_4316

February 2014 in the bathroom at the Shack! We were decorating toilet brushes for the Tux ride so we thought the bathroom was the place to take the photo. Doug is actually sitting on the toilet! ha!

March 2014- At our indoor volleyball league game.

April 2014 – In Riomaggiore, Italy (Cincque Terre)2014-04-05-10-42-10_IMG_0921

May 2014 – Our 2 year anniversary at the Shack! We had gone to eat at McClure’s BBQ and have gelato. We forgot Cinco so we took this photo when we got home. 2014-05-05-19-21-41_IMG_2376

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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