Friday, August 1, 2014

Valentines Day 2014

As I was cleaning out photo files, I realized I never shared what a romantic, special Valentine’s Day I had with some very special people.

I signed up for Spin class certification on February 15 in Houma. I made a comment to Ashley about staying with Gene (as he lives in that area) so I don’t have to get up so early. She said we should call him…so we did.

A phone call later we decided to ALL spend Valentine’s Day with Gene at his place. We were pumped.

We headed to Gene’s place and made it there before he arrived. We quickly decorated his condo to surprise him! He was so impressed.2014-02-14-20-57-47_photo 1

Then we headed to the grocery to buy things for chocolate covered strawberries. What is V Day with out chocolate covered strawberries?!?!?

2014-02-14-20-57-56_photo 2

We decided to use Easter Bunnies to cover the strawberries!2014-02-14-20-59-48_photo 4 2014-02-14-20-59-52_photo 5

We were completely ridiculous the entire time we were there…2014-02-14-21-01-47_photo 2 (3)

2014-02-14-21-02-04_photo 3 (3)

On the walk back to Gene’s place, Ashley found some change in the Wendy’s drive through. She was pumped!2014-02-14-21-03-33_photo 4 (3)

Then delighted out taste buds with chocolate covered strawberries! 2014-02-14-21-38-12_photo 1 (2) 2014-02-14-21-38-20_photo 2 (2)

It was a Valentine’s Day to remember!

2014-02-14-21-38-21_photo 3 (2) 2014-02-14-21-38-23_photo 4 (2)

Thank you Gene for having us! We loved it…every second!
Thank you for housing me before my training.

I can’t wait to see you again Smile

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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