Monday, August 4, 2014

Our Photos with Cinco’s–1st year of marriage.

One of our marriage goals is to take a photo with Cinco (the piñata) every 5th of the month. We were moderately successful our first year of marriage and I finally compiled them to make this collage!

Our First Year with Cinco (with dates)

I have blown up each photo here and will add descriptions if I feel they need them…

July 2012 – at Coconut Beach in Kenner.


August 2012 – on the stairs. 2012-08-05-23-52-43_IMG_1170

October 2012 at Izzo’s2012-10-05-20-43-22_IMG_0012

November 2012 at Lowes2012-11-05-22-21-13_IMG_1327

Then later at the Rouses! The guy on the left loved our idea! The guy on the right…not so much. 2012-11-05-23-39-59_IMG_1332

December 2012 at Gautreaux’s Restaurant in Nola 2012-12-05-21-58-31_IMG_1437

January 2013 at New York Pizza for Matthew T’s bday!

April 2013 – at the Shack with Sabrina. Love her face. She was laughing so hard.

May 2013 – Our one year anniversary at Immaculate Conception. This was the night Cinco became blessed.

Tomorrow I will put up the second year of photos! Smile

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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