Wednesday, August 6, 2014

International Cat Video Festival

Months ago Ashley saw that New Orleans was holding their very own International Cat Video Festival. We decided we wanted to go. 1. To see the crazies. 2. To be the crazies.

Ashley bought tickets and we patiently wanted months for the special day to arrive. – June 28 at Noma.

When the day finally came, we got up (went to spin class) and got ready for the 1 pm showing (which we later found out was sold out!). We got there around 12:30, parked, noticed the stage and all the tents. We headed straight into Noma to get our seats.

We walked inside and we were asked if we already had tickets, which we did and they showed us to the auditorium. We got seats near the front (3rd row. We are serious.) We snacked on a cat cookie and got ready for the show.


Before the hour long video started, I took this video of Ashley:

Note: While she is talking photos are flashing on the big screen of cat photos taken and submitted from Nola cat lovers.

Ashley at the ICVF!

As you can hear the crowd gets excited when they see at cat photo they submitted. It was so funny. We giggle and giggled.

The show was started and this is a short example of videos they showed:

Cat Video Fest.

After the video, we headed out and enjoyed the festival.


There was lots of cat art…2014-06-28-13-24-56_IMG_2828

The stage and tents….2014-06-28-13-24-59_IMG_28292014-06-28-13-25-00_IMG_2830

And there was a photo booth where we dressed up as….you guessed it…CATS!


We had a great time making fun of ourselves and admiring all the cat items.

It is possibly one of the silliest things we have bought tickets for, but we already said we were going next year AND we were submitting photos and videos. 2014-06-28-13-30-00_IMG_2834

We are such cat ladies. Thank God we are already both married.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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