Monday, October 13, 2014

Janice and Alex’s Official Birthday Celebration

So, I might have made a phallic cake for my brother and Janice’s birthday. 2014-08-26-18-01-24_IMG_4304

I might have surprised them just to get this reaction. 2014-08-26-18-01-28_IMG_4306

Pretty sure they were speechless. 2014-08-26-18-01-37_IMG_43072014-08-26-18-01-39_IMG_4309

They might have giggled a lot. 2014-08-26-18-01-42_IMG_4310

They posed like good kids with the cake. 2014-08-26-18-02-37_IMG_4313

Then they got to open their birthday presents!

Love Janice’s face in this one…2014-08-26-18-04-45_IMG_43142014-08-26-18-05-29_IMG_43172014-08-26-18-07-55_IMG_43212014-08-26-18-05-29_IMG_43182014-08-26-18-09-06_IMG_43252014-08-26-18-11-04_IMG_43282014-08-26-18-11-30_IMG_4329

Happy birthday you too!

And remember, just because it is phallic does not mean it is not phancy. (That was homemade cake and icing from scratch!)

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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