Saturday, October 4, 2014

Scott + Jacque = An Amazing Wedding!! [Part 1]

There is so much to say here. I will try to sum it up by saying: I was more than pumped about this wedding. I have been friends with Scott for over a decade, he is very special to me and I love him a lot. When I met Jacque, I was thrilled. They are just perfect together and I love them both. (This description could have gone on for two to three blogs, but I have spared you. You are welcome.)

When the wedding weekend finally approached and the anticipation continued to grow, I was annoyingly excited. We ended up with a hotel room (Thanks Courts!) and loaded into the Roosevelt. Doug and I got ready and headed downstairs to grab a snack. We ran into these amazing kids in the lobby.


Did I mention I was excited? I wanted the best seat in the house so we got there SUPER early. Thank God Doug loves me… he let’s me be my crazy self.


We were the first ones in the room and I picked my seat. It ends up it was a pretty good seat… as it ended up all the photographers and video ended up right in front of me.. See Exhibit A…2014-08-02-17-23-19_IMG_3563

Back to the pre-wedding. We sat down and visited with the awesome kids around us.


Then it was time! Scott escorted his mother in.


and went to stand ready for his bride!


What an entrance. She looked beautiful. I am only sad I could not see Scott’s face, but I am sure the photographer got that. Smile


One of the highlights was when the bridesmaids fixed Jacque’s dress and Thiel got up and fixed Scott’s bow tie. Well done Thiel. You are the man.


I really did end up with great seats as the minister ended up standing on my side of the room. I always had their faces except when they were looking at each other. Smile I chose correctly!


After a fantastic wedding ceremony, they were pronounced husband and wife, they kissed, and …


we officially got to celebrate with them.



Ms. Molly’s dance with Scott cracked me up. They were so danged cute. I just love Ms. Molly’s dress swinging in this photo!


After all the official dances were over, we got to mingle, eat, and visit with everyone. One of the biggest reasons I was excited was because I knew who was invited and I had not seen many of them in years.

Up tomorrow, shenanigans.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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