Sunday, October 5, 2014

Scott + Jacque = An Amazing Wedding!! [Part 2]

The wedding continues…

When we left the blog yesterday, Jacque and Scott had just finished the official dances and we were moving on to the hanging out with awesome people part…


I met Adam’s mom for the first time ever. From what I hear she is kind of a big deal. Smile2014-08-02-18-44-31_IMG_3714



The cake was just beautiful. Everything was amazing. I strongly recommend eating the crabmeat in the waffle cone if you ever see them being hand passed at the Roosevelt.


I finally got a moment with the bride and groom. They were quite busy as you can imagine. 2014-08-02-18-48-36_IMG_3723

Jacque was completely glowing all night. Smile


Congrats you lovebirds! We are so happy for you…


but wait, it gets better.


Then Scott and Zach and their first official dance. Very special moment. 2014-08-02-18-58-30_IMG_3738

Then the dance floor was opened up…Time to get down.


Who is that dapper looking man? And is that Pat from college?

2014-08-02-19-42-12_IMG_3760  2014-08-02-19-48-48_IMG_3762

Yes, yes it is. Such good people. I wish we all got together more often.


I really miss that Adam (and his amazing wife, Erin.) 2014-08-02-20-12-29_IMG_3787

Maybe I should title this post, people I wish I saw all the time…


See, even Doug loves my boys. 2014-08-02-19-56-20_IMG_3782

During the reception Jacque and Scott, took a moment to welcome everyone, say thank you and give us some verbal lovin’. It was very special and sweet. I just love those two.


There may or may not have been some serious dancing for a few hours.


I cannot confirm of deny.


Then things got a little crazy. Jacque went to change into her exit dress and Scott was told someone special was waiting for him in the back of the room.


So he went like a good boy. 2014-08-02-20-44-36_IMG_3814

even peeked out the door…


and found is new bride with MIKE THE TIGER!2014-08-02-20-58-22_IMG_3844

Talk about excited.2014-08-02-20-58-24_IMG_3845


See, Scott has a special bond with Mike…2014-08-02-20-58-36_IMG_3858

like, he used to be friends with him…2014-08-02-20-58-27_IMG_3849

my Disney friends know what that means. Smile


Mike got out on the dance floor and boogied with the best of them. 2014-08-02-21-00-37_IMG_3879

Then he stole the show. Smile


They second line out of the Blue Room, down the lobby and to the bar.  2014-08-02-21-05-53_IMG_3908

Oh, did I mention you could pick up a chocolate martini on your way out?


Epic. Amazing. Wedding.

To be honest, I did not make it out of the room. I drank two chocolate martinis (they were SO good) and hung out in the Blue Room.

Moments later, Scott came back! ha. He had to get his jacket so we got some extra Scott time.


Then we closed down the Blue Room. I ended up with flowers placed in my dress. Still unsure how that happened. Then we headed down to the bar.


Evidently, my back smelled grand.


Mike was still there when I got there so I got this special shot with the groom.


We hung out at the bar for hours. Sadly, none of the photos are appropriate for this PG(ish) blog. I have them if you want to see them.

Around 1 am, Jacque and Scott headed to the honeymoon suite. They said their goodbyes…


and headed upstairs. I got a few last shots before they left.



Part III tomorrow. Smile Yes, there is more.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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