Friday, July 29, 2011

Ashley’s Birthday Part 3- Sunday

PART III – The day after her birthday –Family Day

We woke up to the blueberry lemon coffee cake (again) – which was delicious (again). We had a great family day. Half of the family cooked our big dinner and the other half cleaned the “mud room” as Ashley’s birthday request.

We (mom mainly) cooked a fantastic dinner. Gluten free spaghetti lasagna, sugar glazed carrots, creamed corn, broiled fish, steamed cauliflower, blueberry pie and gluten free bread pudding. It was DELICIOUS. My mom rocks.

After napping/watching Alex’s salt water fish tank we finally headed home that afternoon. It was a fantastic birthday weekend. I enjoyed it very much. The only thing we were missing was Andrew. :)

HAPPY BIRTHAY TO ASHLEY – it really is finally over.

(sorry – I did not take any pictures! lame!!)

Love and hugs, Lizzie

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