Friday, July 22, 2011

Sassy Tulle–Mom’s new business!

My awesome mom, Patti, has started her own business! She is very excited and I am so proud of her. She has decided to make wreaths and tulle skirts for girls of all ages and sizes.

While her website ( is not ready, her etsy site is up: or you can email her at

It all started when Doug proposed. She wanted to bring a decoration and made an awesome bridal wreath. It does not photograph as well as it  looks in real life. Here was her first wreath:


It is white with white flowers on the bottom left. It also has 2 little wine charms. One says “bride” and the other says “groom”. I love it so much and it is still hanging exactly as shown on my door.

Since then she has made and sold quite a few. Here are some of the wreaths:


She is also making adorable tutus for girls (of all ages). Here is some of her work:

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So, if you would would like to order a wreath or skirt, e-mail my mom at She is having a blast making them.

On a side note: I am proud of you mom! Keep it up. You rock.

Love and hugs, Lizzie

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  1. I love the red, white, and blue cute and festive! I may just have to get Momma Patti to make me one for a holiday or two. :)