Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Tennessee Weekend…

This past weekend we went to visit Doug’s mom (DJ) and stepfather (Steve) in Memphis. We had a _fantastic_ time!! We arrived Friday evening after a very hard drive in terrible weather. That night we had quality DJ and Steve time as we had them all to ourselves.

Here is a picture I took that night. Clearly, it was a very serious conversation. (Not really, I think it was pretty funny, but I can’t remember the topic.)


Saturday was even better. We slept late and hung by the pool with DJ, Steve, Jenni (DB’s sister) and Tom (DB’s brother). We chatted about wedding plans and other parts of life. We learned about DJ’s foot injury (from her aggressive pool exercises), her sexy boot to immobilize her foot, and how she was not allowed to be on it for long periods of time. DJ had planned to cook dinner for everyone on Saturday, but because of her foot Jenni picked up the slack and did all the cooking under DJ’s direction.

Jenni stepped up to the plate and made chicken enchiladas for the whole family (including her husband, Craig, who came to visit after work). She slaved over the hot oven for hours and produced a fantastic dinner. It really was yummy. I am kinda drooling thinking about it now. It really was a fantastic day.

On Sunday, DB and I got up go work out as we have been slacking lately. We went for a walk/mini hike around the pond by DJ and Steve’s house. We came back and made brunch for the family. We made a quiche with raisin bread crust and French toast with assorted berries. It was pretty yummy. :) (I should have taken a picture, but alas, I did not.)

We had also decided to stay and watch the women's world cup game. Before the game stated we played in the pool again. I also spent some time reading a book given to me by my awesome boss (Charlie). I relaxed by the pool a bit and read my book. I will review this book later as I am really enjoying it.

Once the world cup game started all the men (Tom, Doug, Steve and Craig) disappeared from outside and began watching the game. It was a pretty intense game as we lost in a shoot out at the end of the game.

After the game we packed up and started our road trip back home. On the way we watched a financial peace episode. It was an hour long and talked about budgeting. We decided to start working on our married life budget. We listed all our expenses over the next year and looked at how much we could save in that time. We are pretty dorky in general and we know it :) I was excited to figure it all out.

Anyway, we got home that night and promptly crashed. It was so great to see the Miles/Wyatt family. We had such a great time. Hope to see you all again.

Hugs and love, Lizzie

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  1. That raisin bread quiche was awesome!! When you get a chance can you send me the recipe. Doug, I got your email about wedding pictures and I will get back to you when we are back from the beach. Love you both!!