Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Doug’s Birthday!

We celebrated Doug’s birthday with two big events:

A little party at Felipe’s and cake and ice cream on his actual birthday
Dinner at
Commanders Palace with Courtney and Kenny at the Chef’s table.

I have a few pictures of the festivities and fun items:100_1113

1. These state of the art saw horses were Doug’s birthday present from my Mom and Dad. Dad made them special for Doug  and painted them orange in honor of Doug’s favorite color… Well made and done parents!!

2. Doug arriving to my house after work on his actual birthday:


3. The party at Felipe’s!  Some of the guests were a surprise for Doug!
To Shawn, Lauren, Josh, Amber, and Harper: Thanks for coming at the last minute! It was nice to see you kids.



4. Doug’s Birthday cake and ice cream party after Felipe’s!


Notice the pink silly string… Maybe I will share that story later…

Blowing out his candles! Yay for DB’s birthday! IMG_3767

5. (Not pictured) I decorated his work cube during lunch. It is a tradition each year, but I have no pictures of it. I will try to take one next year….If I do it… Smile

DB – I hope you had a fantastic birthday! I love you baby! You are the best.
Love, Lizzie

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  1. I think a blog about the pink curtains should be next!