Friday, July 1, 2011

Blueberry Picking…..

Doug, Ashley and I went to pick blueberries a few weeks ago at a Blueberry Farm. They open at 7:30 am in Covington. We got there nice and early to beat the heat. You can imagine our surprise when we arrived around 8:00 am to find at least 100 cars already there! We thought we were going to be the early birds, but the small children and 50+ group had well beat us to it.

What next? You walk up to the (for lack of a better word) shed and get your bucket. They give you a white one gallon bucket with a strap so you can pick blueberries with both hands! How efficient!


Then you walk out to the rows upon rows of blueberry trees where a nice lady tells you where you can pick. They must have 100 rows in the field we were picking from, but we were only allowed to pick from 3 rows (to fully clean them out). There were other fields with more rows of baby blueberries. It was pretty amazing.


As we approached the trees, we were warned by the same nice lady to beware of wasps, snakes, ants and other insects/vermin. Off we went into the sea of blueberry trees being-ware of the possible attack bugs. To our luck, all of the bugs and vermin left us be.


Doug, Ashley and I each picked one gallon of blueberries. Once we were finished, we hiked back to the shed and paid our $10.00 per gallon. They instructed us to lay the  blueberries out on a tray to cool for the next 24 hours as they will sweeten up overnight.


It took us about 1 hour to pick a gallon of blueberries each. Ashley and I finished about the same time. Doug, the perfectionist, took 15 minutes longer so we sat in the shade waiting for him to finish.


One hot question burning in your mind: Can you eat the blueberries and pick them at the same time? YES, you can! You can eat until you burst and only pay for the gallon you leave with. It is a pretty sweet business idea.

Since we picked 3 gallons of blueberries Ashley and Doug have made Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream, Blueberry Sorbet (one good one and one not so good one) and pie. I eat fresh blueberries on my cereal so I did not make anything. Smile We did leave some with my parents because we are sweet like that. I am sad to report, they are all gone now. There are a few frozen in Ashley’s house, but all the fresh ones are consumed.

Have a great 4th of July. Be safe! Love, Lizzie



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