Monday, July 16, 2012

Making it legal–the Ceremony

When we arrived at the Immaculate Conception, Doug and I snuck in and took a few photos on the alter and then officially separated.


I went with all the bridesmaids to the restroom, which was a challenge with a 10 pound dress and a hoop skirt. :)

Then it was time to wait. We had arrived right on time to the church and had to wait 20 minutes for the ceremony to start. This was the only time I was nervous. I had too much time to sit in hiding with all the bridesmaids. I was not nervous about marrying doug. I was just sitting still for the first time in hours.

While we were in the back stairway, I noticed I was missing my flowers. I had no idea where they had gone. Before I knew it, Cynthia was on a mission: to find my rogue flowers. She eventually located my flowers just hanging out in a pew in the rear of the church. I think I know what happened, but it all ended fine so no worries.

I was starting to get a blister from my shoes, which was completely unexpected as I had broken them. I sat for the last 15 minutes of waiting in the stairwell. This was the last chance we had to get our makeup touched up by Candice (our awesome makeup girl – she had been with us the whole time.) She touched us all up one more time and she headed back to the hotel.

Finally, it was time: 6 o’clock. I hugged my mom and sent her down the aisle.


As each of my girls left the stairwell, they looked back and gave me a huge smile. It was so sweet of them. Once it was time for Dad and I to go outside, we headed out and lined up outside the big church doors. (It is so odd to be on this side of the doors. You can’t see anything that has been going on. Can’t see all the bridesmaids, moms, groomsmen, groom, etc. This is the only time in a girls life she is the main event so she does not see anything that happens prior.)


As Dad and I stood outside, he asked if we really were going to step back as we processed down the aisle. I said YES! He had been talking “two steps forward, one step back” since I was a little girl. He asked how many times we would do it. I had the idea to do it three times (one each for the Holy Trinity). I said we would do it 1/3rd down the aisle, etc. He agreed. We had one last moment and then I heard the organ start playing our song. The doors opened in front of me and we were off. It was quite a moment.

As we started down the aisle, I got to see doug and his huge smile.


As Dad and I started walking down the aisle, I noticed there were black lines on the floor! I was excited and I told him at which black lines we would step back. The first time we stepped back, only a few people noticed.



By the second time we stepped back, I heard quite a few giggles. By the third time, there was an audible laugh throughout the crowd. I guess they thought I was thinking about running, which made it even funnier. No one knew about our plan to step back and I had not really thought what it would look like. It was fun when the crowd laughed. What a start!


We finally got to the alter and Dad officially “gave” me to doug and then we were off…


The first reading was chosen by Doug. It was is favorite Old Testament wedding reading. Maureen, a good friend of DJ’s (Doug’s mom), read the reading for us. Then Dr. Lynn, the reason I am alive as she introduced my parents, read the second reading. They both did such a fantastic job. We were (and are) honored to have them a part of our big day.


Then Father Bruno read the gospel (my favorite wedding gospel about Jesus at the wedding at Cannan) and launched into one of the best wedding homilies ever heard. (We loved it as much as the Goula wedding – yeah Lesley and Steve!) Fr. Bruno totally called me out about how I always wish people future happiness. I usually say – may you always be as happy as you are today. He made a very valid point that he wants us to grow in happiness and love each day so this is not the culmination of happiness, but just the start. I loved Fr. Bruno’s homily and I received many complements on Fr. Bruno.


The Vows are up next! Get pumped!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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